Forum Question: Accumulating Shadow Copies When Converting DVDs

Dear All,

I am burning some dvd’s using Handbrake and converting/stripping audio from video files using ffmpegx…I’m aware that a shadow copy of the file gets deposited in a folder and remains there until the folder is emptied. The folder accumulates a great deal of memory and I would like to know where to find it so I can delete the shadow copies/cache and free up some of my drive

— Ches!

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    6/7/10 @ 1:45 pm

    So, you mean you are converting (or ripping) DVDs, right? Burning would be to make a DVD. But Handbrake is used to take a DVD and turn it into a video file on your hard drive.
    I’m not sure what you mean by “shadow copies.” Do you mean you notice Handbrake creating work files as it is doing the conversion? I’m not sure it does, but if so it would delete those when the conversion is done. What makes you think some work files are created and not deleted?

      6/8/10 @ 5:59 am

      Gary…sorry for the confusion. First day with my new brain!!

      About two months ago I was ripping (Handbrake)and burning (with toast). Couldn’t recall which program was giving me indications.

      Your reply actually was the help I needed. As I wanted to clarify my own position I opened toast and saw the window preference that indicated the folder for “converted items” which upon inspection was empty.

      I had thought that the created file required manual deletion because I recall that when I was ripping or burning several discs, I was prompted to go to a certain location and delete the “temporary files” to arrange more space.

      It would seem that all’s well that ends well!

      btw…here in Barbados. Found you through itunes video podcast. Great work! My first unit was a Mac in ’97. Back on track now with a MacBook Pro. Boy have things changed!!

      Spouse has one as well. As one of my consultancy clients is a publishing house (the place is full of Macs) I’ll be spreading the good word about your broadcast and weekly missive.

      Until next time…

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