Forum Question: add mail add from excel to add book

i have many e mail add in an excel sheet i was wondering if i could transfer them to add book instead of copying and pasting each and every mail id…

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    6/6/11 @ 9:31 am

    Absolutely. If you export your Excel sheet as a text file using CSV (comma-separated variables) you can then import it into Address Book. Just use the File, Import function in Address Book. You may need to play with your spreadsheet a bit to get it just right, so there may be some back-and-forth. You may need to adjust the names and which rows are present in your Excel spreadsheet.
    I’d recommend trying it on a sample of 2 or 3 contacts first until you get the formatting right.

      6/7/11 @ 12:20 am

      thx gary…..

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