Forum Question: Adding a Dell printer to a Mac

I’m a recent switcher to OS X, and I was a little sad to discover (although I should have seen it coming) that Dell doesn’t make any Mac drivers for its printers. I have a Dell V305w WiFi printer running on my wireless network. I’ve had to save everything as a PDF and run upstairs to print on my old XP desktop if I ever needed to print anything.

Right now, the Add printer screen is blank in System Preferences, I’ve tried entering the IP address to no avail (maybe I did that part wrong?), and haven’t really tried connecting through Windows (I have an XP and Vista machine).

Is there any generic or specific advice you can recommend to me? Thanks ^^

— delphinus87

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    2/15/10 @ 12:01 am

    I ran into this with a Dell printer a while back. Found there was absolutely no solution. In the end I tossed the Dell printer (literally tossed it in the trash) because the $50 thing wasn’t worth any more of my time. I bought a new $99 canon with great Mac support and never looked back.
    Now I’m sure it matters which printer, specifically, but if there is no Mac support, then there simply isn’t any. They could have chosen to give Mac support, or just follow universal standards and not needed to give Mac support — it would just work.

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