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Hi Gary,ive been doing projects with iMovie for a while but now I want to add an image to the start of the video which would be made in paintshop pro beforehand.
The image would contain a tournament table (quarterfinals to finals) as the main image that would appear on the video & would have a design with all the names for the Quarter finalists..what i want to do is for the semi-finals & finals, i want the names of the winners of the previous match to appear on the image with an effect.
How would i go about this since im not sure what kind of effects would be suitable for this..I can use either iMovie or final cut pro if that makes a difference.
I hope my question is clear & thanks again as always Gary.
Carlos M

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    12/8/10 @ 9:49 am

    That seems pretty straightforward. Just make the image and drop it in.
    But what do you mean by “appear on the image with an effect”? Just make the graphic look like you want when you make it in PaintShop Pro before you bring it into iMovie.

    Carlos M
    12/8/10 @ 9:53 am

    Basically as the movie is playing, in certain sections of the image, i want the names of the winners from the Quarter-Finals to appear in that same image using some kind of effect.

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