Forum Question: adding video from DVD to iMovie..a mess?

I have burned DVDs (old VHS tapes converted to DVDs) with Handbrake to iMac. How can I use them in iMovie? Cannot delete segments of the DVD within iMovie without deleting the whole burned DVD material.
Want to make a montage with the old video and photos but think the old video just isn’t able to be added easily to iMovie. Would love to use the old video…any ideas? thanks

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    11/20/10 @ 11:37 am

    So you brought it into your Mac using Handbrake? So you have a single video file now? You should be able to edit that fine in iMovie. If it imports into iMovie, then you can edit it. You can grab segments of the video from the event and bring it in your project.
    Maybe take a look at some basic editing tutorials, like this one:

    11/20/10 @ 1:00 pm

    Thanks…yes, it is brought into iMovie as a huge single file. When I edit this within iMovie, seems that I cannot delete just part of the movie without deleting the entire huge file that was brought into iMovie. So I have lots of gigs of clips that if I delete part, will delete the all…what am I doing wrong? thanks

      11/20/10 @ 9:09 pm

      Hard to guess what you might be doing wrong. Watch that video and you might see. You can either select a portion of a clip in the event and drag that portion to the project. Or, you can drag the whole thing to the project and use the clip trimmer to trim off parts. You can also split a clip in various places and delete the portions you don’t want. Lots of ways to do it.

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