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Can I Add A YouTube Icon To the Dock?

Is it posable to add the same YouTube icon that is on the home screen of the iPhone to the dock on the MacBook Pro?

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    13 years ago

    What is it you are trying to do, exactly?
    The YouTube icon on the iPhone launches a special iOS YouTube app. There is no such thing on the Mac or PC. You simply view YouTube in your browser.
    Is that what you want, then you an add an alias link to the YouTube site on the right side of the Dock pretty easily. Just browse to YouTube (or any web site or page) and click and drag the icon that appears directly to the left of the page address at the top of the browser window. Drag it to the right side of your Dock, to the right of the dividing line. You'll get a shortcut link that when clicked will launch your browser and take you right to the page.

      13 years ago

      Yes , thank you. You answered my question.

    13 years ago

    On your Mac, use fluid app. You can create apps out of all your favorite websites, Facebook, gmail, youtube and yes even MacMost :-)

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