Forum Question: Address Book has 2 sets of entries… What’s the difference?

I’ve got (in OSx Lion) my Address Book where I have A to Z entries in bold fonts, then another grey bar with # in it and then another bunch of entries all clustered together in non bold fonts. These are not repeats but all part of my contacts list nonetheless. What does the second group of entries mean?

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    8/17/11 @ 12:03 pm

    I don’t see any in my Address Book listed under #. I would think that it would be names that start with a number or special character, rather than a name. But I don’t know why you would have any of those.
    Perhaps they are contacts that don’t have a name — just an email address and/or phone number. Take a look at those contacts and see if they have anything in common.

    8/18/11 @ 10:59 pm

    Yup, I’ve figured it out : These are all entries from older phone transfers where I’d stored the entire name as the surname i.e these are all contacts without a First Name entry. Edited them, all ok now.

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