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Address Book Quick Index Feature Gone?

Until recently, and possibly as a result of upgrading to Snow Leopard, I have lost the very convenient ability to begin typing the last name of an address book contact (while in Address Book and in the contact listing) and having the first contact that matched the characters I have typed selected. For example, quickly typing smi would bring me very close or right to the list of contacts with the last name Smith.

Since installing Snow Leopard, the program seems to select the first contact with a first or last name that is close. Not nearly as helpful. Now, I am forced to mouse over the search bar and type part or all of the name to filter down the listing. More keystrokes.

Is there a way to get this function back? I can’t seem to find a ‘switch’ for this.


— Pablo Teodoro

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    13 years ago

    I can't remember how it worked under Leopard, but with Snow Leopard, when I type "smi" I get any contact with "smi" in the name or even the company name. Useful in a way, yes, but I can also see how it might be annoying.

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