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Advantages of Front Row

I was just wondering, what are some advantages of using Front Row to watch videos or listen to music as opposed to simply using DVD or itunes? As of right now it seems like a rather pointless program to me. I have used it to watch a movie trailer, but that is about it. I didn’t know if there were any features that Front Row has that the other programs did not.

— matt

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    10 years ago

    Some people like having a dedicated media playing program. Windows has something similar.
    One thing you may not realize is that if you own an Apple Remote you can control Front Row entirely with the remote — no keyboard or mouse needed. So you can sit back and browse/play/watch.
    Also, some people hook their Macs to a TV, which doesn’t have the resolution of a computer display. Front Row displays things in a size and format that make it easier to use on a TV whereas the DVD player or iTunes can be hard to look at from a distance.

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