Forum Question: AirPort Disconnecting By Itself

On my MacBook Pro, it’s happened to me twice now where I’ll be connected to a wi-fi network, and if I go for a period without using my browser (like if I’m using a word processor or if the computer goes to sleep), AirPort automatically disconnects from the network and then when I try to reconnect, it scans for the networks and they never turns up. I end up having to turn off AirPort and turn it back on again, and then it’s automatically reconnected to the network. Is it supposed to work this way? Or is it a glitch of some kind with my modem?

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    3/31/11 @ 1:50 pm

    What device are you using to create the wifi network? Is it an Apple Airport Extreme (or TC), something similar (like a Linksys) or just a feature of your cable or DSL modem?
    If the later, I’d look into to see if it has a sleep mode or something that cuts off the connection if it isn’t being used.
    Or, it could just simply be a lousy connection that drops sometimes. Have you tried switching channels on the device?

      3/31/11 @ 2:54 pm

      Sorry about that– what I meant was AirPort, in terms of connecting to a wireless network. My home network isn’t causing any problems. This only seems to happen on public networks, like Starbucks or school.

        3/31/11 @ 2:55 pm

        Oh, well then it may be a function of those networks. They may drop idle connections. If it is working OK at home, then you know your end of it is fine.

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