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Airport Express and Time Capsule Discontinued – What To Use Now and Why ?

I have just recently found out that Apple has discontinued their routers. I have used Time Capsule for the last 10 years (I am on my second one now), and I am so happy for the ease of use, the option for having guest network and so on.

What would you recommend to use in the future ?

Why ?
Jesper Vogelius

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    2 years ago

    That happened a while ago. There’s nothing to do right away. If your devices are working then you can keep on using them. They both adhere to Wi-Fi and networking standards used by all companies, so they won’t be out of date any time soon. I’m still using the last Airport Extreme Apple sold and plan to for the near future.

    If you do want to replace them, then it will be a matter of just shopping around to find one that meets you needs and budget. I wouldn’t recommend one unless I has personal experience with it, and since I’m sticking with an Airport Extreme, I haven’t tried any.

    In many cases, for many people, they will just use the “free” Wi-Fi router that comes with their Internet service. When Apple started offering base stations, people commonly needed to buy Wi-Fi devices to compliment the bare-bones box the ISP provided. But today most ISP give you a box that already has Wi-Fi included.

    Robin Prior
    2 years ago

    During the last two years, I have had great success with Netgear’s Orbi Systems. In our long & narrow olders SF houses, the Orbi’s Mesh Networking has sloved the problems for 7 seperate clients. I have been purchasing the Orbi systems sold at Costco, where it is on sale right now. NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System, with Advanced Cyber Threat Protection, 3-pack Item 1300092 Model RBK53S-100NAS Member Only Item $299.99$. I’s on sale and works with all my Mac-using clients perfectly.

    Margot McDowell
    2 years ago

    Like Gary, I too have continued to use my Airport Extremes.
    Although they no longer sell them – Apple still support them,
    As a matter of fact (to my surprise) they pushed out a software update just last weekend.
    It’s version 7.9.1

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