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We could really do with some valuable inputs from you regarding the whole Android vs Iphone debate. Do put up a video podcast if you can, but in the meanwhile, are Android phones easy to sync wirelessly with a macbook? My main concern is transferring contacts to and from computerto phone since I keep getting new numbers on the phone each day and new email addresses on the comp each day…

Dhruv Mookerji

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    2/4/11 @ 7:21 am

    Hard to do an episode, or even comment on that. I’d need to be using both iPhone and an Android phone side-by-side in my day-to-day life to compare them. Of course, I’m using just an iPhone.
    I do know that Android phones are all about Google. If you use Gmail, Gmail contacts, Google Calendar, and the like then that’s what Android uses. It syncs with those services. So if you want to have everything sync wirelessly then using a Gmail account for the best results. Once you do that, it all works pretty much automatically and you can access that info from the phone or your Mac.

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