Forum Question: Annoying sound (a bloop) happens often, but who did it? why?

On my MacBook Pro, something is making a bloop like something dropped into water, sort of. How can I tell what did that? Is there a way to get uses of the speaker logged by app or window or something so when one happens I can see who spoke recently?
Leo Notenboom sent me to you as the Mac guru.
And why doesn’t auto-fill work on your form here?
Richard Karpinski

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    12/2/10 @ 7:38 am

    First, determine whether that bloop sound is your default alert sound. That’s in System Preferences, Sound, Sound Effects. If it is, then you know that some app is trying to alert you to something using the regular alert sound. If not, the you know it is an app doing its own thing. That may give you a clue.
    There is no way to backtrack from the sound to determine what application made it. But it should be easy to figure out what is causing it if the problem happens often. Just quit applications until it stops. I would suspect iChat first — is that running? The sound could be people logging in and out. You can also use Activity Monitor to see what else is running (background processes) and quit those until it stops.
    Instead of quitting applications, you can also bring each to the front and watch it for a while. Is it doing something that corresponds to the bloops?
    As for auto-fill. I guess none of the auto-fill values you have correspond to the names of the fields on my form.

    Kirk Aplin
    12/2/10 @ 1:51 pm

    My Growl notifications make a “bloop” sound. Is growl running on your mac?

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