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Hey Gary my name is Michael. I am a loyal listener and a MacMost Switching to the Mac buyer. I am emailing in regards to the MacMost answer for 1/11 about the question of launching iPhoto or not when you plug in a device. Actually it is very easy and can be done using OS X. To do it you have to for the first time you plug in a device (camera or video camera) launch Image Capture and at the bottom left side you will see the name of the device selected in the Task Bar (as you know Image Capture can handle multiple devices at a time) and there is a dialog that says “connection this camera opens” and there you can select an array of choices and even “other”. I thought you may find this useful! Thanks again and keep of the great podcasts. I will always stay subscribed!

— Michael

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    1/11/10 @ 11:05 pm

    Thanks Michael!

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