Forum Question: Anyone Else Having Issues With Editing Contacts In iOS 5?

Since upgrading I have lost the ability to add or edit an existing contact. The only way I can do it is via the recents list. It seems the “+”/”edit” button in the top right corner is missing …. I compared my iPhone 4 to a friend who has a new 4S (same iOS 5 version) and his still has the + button … what setting have I missed in the setup ???
Tim Noy

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    10/20/11 @ 1:36 pm

    On my iPad it works, I can add or change data.

      10/22/11 @ 11:28 pm

      Works on my iPad fine just not the phone

    10/20/11 @ 4:25 pm

    Ive lost it to and its very frustrating!! Any help would be appreciated. Have tried “rebooting” phone several times but it hasnt helped!

      Tim Noy
      10/24/11 @ 6:04 pm


      looks like yo uhave togo into iCloud setting and turn on contacts (and calendar for that matter) by merging them with iCloud the edit and + buttons majically re-appear…. hope this works for you

        3/8/12 @ 6:07 pm

        That didn’t work for me despite so many people saying it did work for them. My problem is that some, but not all, of my calendar events are missing the “edit” button ever since I updated the software to 5.0. Any other suggestions?

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