Forum Question: Apple Address Book Contacts Sharing Postal Addresses

I use address book and syc to google contacts and my iphone. Is there a way to link people who have different phone/ email address but share an postal address; eg husband and wife, or different contacts at the same company.
Do I have to assign the same address each time I make a new contact card?
Rob Hogg

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    11/29/10 @ 7:34 am

    Right. You would simply assign the same address to any contacts that have the same address.

    Rob Hogg
    11/29/10 @ 8:30 am

    Thanks Gary:
    I have 50+ contacts from the same company. I would have to re-type that address every time, not even copy paste works because address book asks for info separately, Street, City etc.
    I think I will just leave it with one or two of the contacts having the full details in. I vaguely remember an outlook feature “add new contact from same organisation” or some such thing.

    Maybe Apple could add something similar in the future.


      11/29/10 @ 9:26 am

      You should suggest it:

        Kathy Turner
        1/15/11 @ 1:51 pm

        I love this idea. I am a pastor and have families with the same address but with different e-mails and birthdays and other info that is different. It would be nice to have them linked in some way. Please suggest it! I have several times and nothing so far.

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