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Hi Gary last week i visit Apple store because i had difficulty with my Macbook Pro. i had little conversation with Apple Genius and i ask him if i need AntiVirus for my Mac. Then, he said i don’t need. Then, he said ” all mac you see in the store have AntiVirus in them. And i ask why? his answer was because corporate computers.
my question is why Apple telling to the public you don’t need AntiVirus. and use AntiVirus their own computer.

— Ebay

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    3/12/10 @ 5:50 pm

    Maybe he meant that the built-in security of Snow Leopard as like having Anti-Virus software? I don’t recall any Macs in the Apple Store having that installed, but I will look for it next time.
    Of course one problem with those Macs in the store is they are “public” — all sorts of people walk in and play with them. That’s a huge security issue. You don’t need a virus when that is the case. Someone could just walk in and physically alter the computer. Anti-Virus won’t help them in that case, really.
    I’d ask the Genius who told you that the same question. And if he says they really do have anti-virus software on the Macs, ask him which one, and why.

      3/13/10 @ 12:16 pm

      An Apple employee told a friend of mine that they do run AV software on their Macs. They said: “It’s extra protection.” I find that what the employee said is truly ironic, since they told my friend that they were running *** DUM DUM DUM *** Norton… Shudders.

        3/13/10 @ 12:24 pm

        *The employee said: “….”

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