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Hey guys,

i’m using a macbook 13,3” and thinking of buying an apple cinema display 24”…well it’s very expensive and there are so many cheaper monitors! for example the hp w2558hc in germany it’s about 350€ cheaper!!!

my problem is, that i couldn’t really find any helpful review for both of them (or other similar monitors)…could you give me a little hint/advice??? is the macsafe-adapter the only real difference between both?? and i have heard, that there are some driver problems, with some monitors!??

thanks from germany;)

— Till

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    10/23/09 @ 2:51 pm

    Most standard monitors work fine with Macs — you don’t need to buy the Apple ones. I use a non-Apple 30-inch LCD screen with my Mac Pro. The main problem is that the new MacBooks have a Mini DisplayPort out, and no LCD monitors except the Apple ones accept that as input. So you have to get an adapter. Of course if you have an older MacBook, then it may be the other way around — you will need an adapter to go to the Apple LCD, but straight DVI to go to the non-Apple one.
    Finding reviews can be tough. But I don’t think driver issues are common since they should be standard DVI.

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