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I have an issue with my apple acct. Before I call and get tech support on the phone, I thought I’d ask the smart guys.
Purchased an iPod about 5-6 years ago. Set up account with email and work PC. along the way, purchased a used G4, iPhone 3GS, and last month a new 13″pro. I’ve started using the mobile me account,email, and other options associated with mobile me. (I also transferred the employer provided iPhone over to my mac.)
So, Im trying to change the account from to rob address- I get an error message saying ” You cannot change this account to an existing MobileMe address.If you would like to use your mobileme acct, you can cancel and resign in with your acct. ”
I guess I’m confused, will I lose my library? Permissions?
I still receive the notices and statements at my work email, trying to separate my personal mac stuff from work…Any thoughts? I listened to your podcast but it didn’t seem to answer my question. Thanks for the great website and all the help so far! Rob

— Rob Flaherty

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    3/26/10 @ 10:17 am

    You should call Apple. Ask them to merge the accounts. Ask them about your concerns, etc. There’s nothing you can do on your end, they have to do this sort of thing for you.
    But if you want to separate work and personal, you may need to have separate accounts — otherwise the will be intertwined.

      8/19/10 @ 9:44 am

      Stick to your original account. I had Apple merge me about a year ago. I starting down the road of problems. I love everything Apple. I even had a Lisa and spent some time on a neXT. What I am finding out, different departments don’t talk to eachother… e.g. If you’re trying to merge you’re iTunes acct. I bought an iPod when they first came out had about 700 down loaded. I had an, back then. I paid off my credit card closed that bank acct. had a new iPod Apple advised to just open another acct and all would be there. It was, but now I was I was not told to stay with sbcglobal. Now I am a with an iPhone and an iPad with Apps and movies who upgraded to the new iPhone and lost 698 songs. The problems started when ex brought me a $30. gift card uploaded them on my acct bought 2 songs and forced a merger. Guess which 2 songs are still around today. ( oh yes, Apple says they will do a once in a life time recoup of everything. Well that did nothing but give me a bunch of missing Apps. still no music)

    Rob Flaherty
    4/1/10 @ 4:52 am

    Hi Gary,
    I thought I would update the post with the reply from Apple. You were exactly right, heres a portion of the email reply:

    If you create a new iTunes Store account with the MobileMe ID as the account’s email address, it will be separate from your current iTunes Store account. They will have separate purchase histories, and you won’t be able to merge the two accounts or transfer purchases from one account to another. Each Apple ID must be unique.

    However, you can certainly edit your iTunes Store account name so that it is similar to your new MobileMe name, and you can have the iTunes Store send all correspondence to your new MobileMe email address. To do those things, go to the Apple MyInfo page here:

    Theres a trick he shows but its basically the same problem. oh well, thanks for your help and the great website. Rob

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    9/19/10 @ 6:01 am

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    11/12/10 @ 10:47 am

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