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Can you have seperate accounts under one email address/apple ID? We are a family of 4 with only one email address. When I try to set up accounts for my children I am denied because the email address is already in use.

— eileen

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    5/10/10 @ 5:42 pm

    You can always use the MobileMe Family Pack ( — this gives you more email accounts on one account. Is that what you mean?
    Or, do you not want separate email accounts? Other things will be difficult if you don’t establish separate email accounts at some point — sites like Facebook or Google services, etc, will use an email address as an account ID. So it might be better it establish one email account per person anyway.
    What part of MobileMe do you want to share? If the point is to have completely separate email accounts, then you should be able to establish a new MobileMe account for each member as long as you use a different Apple ID (which will also be the new email address

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