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Apple Iphone Secretly tracks users Location Information !

Gary i reda this shocking article. Wanted your views on it.
Please do read it and comment on it.
Thanks so much.

Comments: 3 Responses to “Apple Iphone Secretly tracks users Location Information !”

    10 years ago

    First: It tracks the data and stores it on YOUR iPhone. The data isn’t sent anywhere. It is your data. Everything is backed up from your iPhone to your Mac, so you have a copy of it there too. But it is YOUR Mac. So no one but you has this data.
    Second: The data is very vague. It is not GPS data. It is mobile communication tower data. So more of your general area, not exact location.
    So what’s the issue? It is your data and no one else has it?
    I’ve heard that the concern is that a court can subpoena this data (or any data you own). But they can do that with any of your data. Your email, for instance. So thats nothing new.
    And if someone wanted to know where you have been, it seems a lot easier to just follow you. Or request this same information from the mobile phone provider who probably has it at the other end.
    I’m sure that because everyone is throwing a fit over this that Apple will remove the functionality on the phone. Or make it optional. But I don’t see it as a big deal.

    Cyrus Dubash
    10 years ago

    Ok thanks

    10 years ago

    And BTW Android seems to do this also but as usual Apple gets the attention.

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