Forum Question: apple store app??

Hi, Gary. every time I click on update my mac, the apple store app does not appear as an options….Please, How can I download it to install it on my mac??? Thanks!!

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    1/25/11 @ 6:05 pm

    Which version of Mac OS do you have right now? Go to Apple Menu, About This Mac and see what it says.

    1/25/11 @ 6:10 pm

    I have the latest OS X version (OS X 10.6.6). I am very careful about that, but apple store app never show up as a option. I need to get it. Any other way to get it?Thanks

      1/25/11 @ 7:09 pm

      It is a part of 10.6.6. If you have 10.6.6 then it should be there. Did you check in the Dock? DId you check in the Apple Menu? Are you logged in as an “admin” user?

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