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hey ive recently purchased a new macbook pro 15″ 2.4ghz i5 im new to mac and my question is should i get applecare im in the uk apllecare is £279 for my model i understand i have up to a year to buy but is it worth the money?are macs reliable ?what do you guys suggest should i wait till after xmas then buy?

— james

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    6/10/10 @ 3:35 pm

    It is hard to advise here. It depends on your budget. AppleCare is an extended warranty, and that is nice to have if money is tight and you cannot afford to replace your Mac in years 2 and 3 if something should go wrong. But if you feel that it won’t hurt that much if something happens, then you can save the money and replace your Mac if something happens in those years.
    Keep in mind that AppleCare is not insurance. It won’t help if you drop the MacBook or spill something on it. It only covers you if the parts break down through no fault of your own.

    6/10/10 @ 3:40 pm

    Thanks for your help Gary been watching your vids a lot there helping me out big time:) as for the AppleCare I have until next april to make a decision so I will just relax and enjoy it for now and set an iCal reminder for a month before and try make my decision then thanks again Gary.

    Ross Craig
    6/13/10 @ 12:31 pm

    I bought Apple Care after having 2 issues with fans in my iMac and also an issue with the monitor. My 1 year warranty was up and then my video card was having issues. I contacted Apple and they agreed to send me a new iMac! This is a current model 21.5″ with 4 Gig of ram, bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse. I would advise in getting the Apple Care, normally I don’t buy the extended warranty.

    1/20/11 @ 4:31 pm

    I need help with Mac Notebook sound set-up. I have a set of Logitech external speakers and a Snowball micropohone. Can I set these up with my \Mac Notebook to project my voice when making presentations.

    I was told I could but no one I know knows how. Do you?


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