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Applications In the Menu Bar & the Ability To Choose Which Are Active Upon Startup?

Are the applications located towards the right side of the menu bar next to system icons automatiCally active upon boot up of an Apple Mac. What decides which apps sit there & is there a way to choose which apps are active and sit in the menu bar by default at startup ?
Indeed if one is using a 13″ MacBook Pro (like myself) or even an 11″ MacBook Air, what happens when the number of apps gets to the extent where they begin to close the gap towards what I believe is usually help located towards the left of the menu bar. If your using a 27″ display I guess this scenario doesnt occur.
Is there a way to minimise those apps in the menu bar whilst keeping them active if required ?

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    7 years ago

    Those are menu bar icons. It is not correct to think of these as applications. Think of them as added menus to your menu bar that give you access to system functions or functions inside of some third-party applications.
    For instance, there is one for DropBox, if you are using DropBox and have it installed and running. It isn’t DropBox itself, but just a list of commands for each access.
    To determine what gets put in the menu bar icon space, you need to go to each system extension or app separately. For instance, for system extensions you would typically go to the System Preferences pane for that extension, and then look for a “show in menu bar” or “show menu bar icon” or something similar.
    Likewise, for an application, you would look in its preferences for something that lets you show or hide the icon. Sometimes you can do this right from the menu bar icon menu itself as it is an option there.
    This is separate from the idea of whether an app gets launched when you boot up or log in. That has nothing to do with the menu bar icons, though if an app is set to display a menu bar icon it will do so when it runs, and if it is set to run when you boot or log in then it will happen at that time.
    To determine what gets launched when you boot or log in, see
    Often, though, the app itself will give you a preference for whether it launches on startup, so look in the app’s preferences too.
    If there are too many menu bar icons to fit on the menu bar, then some are simply not displayed. You can create more space by curating what is there, or shortening some of them. For instance, the clock menu bar item can be a simple X:XX instead of including the day and date.

    7 years ago

    Thats something i’ll have to look into, thankyou for the comprehensive answer :). Additionally I have found a 3rd party App called Bartender which may help (albeit not for free):

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