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Apps Updates No Longer In iTunes??

I could update apps on my iPad and iPhone, now it seems no longer possible or….??? Did I miss something?
Please advise, thanks in advance.
Piet van ‘t Zelfde

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    7 years ago

    Do you mean in the iTunes app on the Mac or Windows? Yes, this is a noted change in iTunes 12.7. The old legacy functionality of being able to download and organize iOS apps on your desktop computer is now gone. Experts have been predicting this for years, so it is no surprise.

    Of course you can continue to update, add, organize and otherwise maintain your apps directly on your iPad and iPhone. Most people have been doing it that way for a while. Many (most) people probably didn't even realize that this functionality was in iTunes unless your use of the iPhone and iPad dates back a few years.

    John M. Hammer
    7 years ago

    With your iPhone or iPad plugged into your Mac you can still reorganize the apps on your mobile device. Move them around as you like then perform a manual sync. I find this easier when moving many apps.

    You might want to go to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music and delete the Mobile Apps folder. That's where all your iPhone and iPad apps are stored and since iTunes no longer makes any use of that folder or its contents, it can be safely deleted. I got back over 100gb of free space on my Mac!

    7 years ago

    John: What do you mean in your first paragraph. There doesn't seem to be any way to view or organize your apps from your Mac. If you know of a way, what are the steps?

    John M. Hammer
    7 years ago

    Gary- Ugh! I can't believe Apple removed the ability to organize apps on the Mac within iTunes but you're right: They did. Sorry about that, I didn't realize that was removed until I tried it just now after reading your question.

    Organizing apps within iTunes was always faster and easier for me than doing it on the iOS device.

    This is going to be a serious annoyance when setting up a new device ā€“ one could restore a new device from the backup of another device but that's not always ideal.

    7 years ago

    Why doesn't my iPhone 5 update to the new IOS 11?

    7 years ago

    Joe: The requirements for iOS 11 are an iPhone 5s or newer.

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