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I am trying to preserve all my home videos, however I have read that DVD-R disks also have a limited lifespan, plus the fact that they take up a lot of space. Can I make a backup of these disks on a big hard drive (take up a lot less storage space than 100 DVD disks and hopefully it will be more reliable a few years down the road). What is the best format in which to store them? A disk image of dmg, img, cdr? or others. These kind of formats will take up less space I assume, but how do I get them back to a DVD playable formate?
William Braun

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    6/3/12 @ 4:14 pm

    I went through this several years ago. I moved all of my CD/DVD archives to a single hard drive. Another advantage is it is easy to back it up to a second drive (or online) in one shot.
    For a true video DVD (one that plays on a DVD player) I would save it as an iso or cdr image — maybe use Toast. I’d experiment with one to make sure you can re-create the DVD onto a disk. Not sure if dog or img would work, but they should especially with Toast or software like it.
    For data disks, I would just put the contents in a folder. That way you can search your archive more easily.

      william braun
      6/9/12 @ 9:51 am

      When you moved all your CD/DVD archives – what did you use?

      If I have them on a DVD can I use Handbrake to rip them to a hard drive?

      Can you explain more what you mean about data disks and putting the contents into a folder?

      Thanks, Bill Braun

        6/9/12 @ 1:05 pm

        I just moved them: dragged and dropped the files (the whole CD/DVD as a folder, actually) to the next drive.
        Now these were all DATA DVDs, not video. For video you can use Handbrake if you like. Or, use Toast or Disk Utility to make a disk image file from the DVD.

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