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Are Shared Links Missing In Safari High Sierra?

I noticed that the shared links option is missing in Safari with macOS High Sierra… only bookmarks and reading lists remain. Called Apple Support but they didn’t know why it was eliminated.

Any ideas?

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    3 years ago

    I don’t know why it was eliminated either. I liked that feature. It was basically a simple RSS reader that also brought in Twitter feeds.

    My guess is that it simply wasn’t used by enough people. Apple as always been very conscious of software “bloat” — having too many features in software that makes software seem too complex and unlearnable by many users.

    I would use Apple’s feedback page to let them know you miss the feature and hope to see them bring it back.

    Debby Conway
    2 years ago

    I purchased your video “guide to Sierra and High Sierra” and was very confused about this. The video shows it in Sierra but my new computer was loaded with the latest things so I didn’t see that in my Safari. I’m glad I had this site to find out why. Can you make a note in the description or update the video in your course?

    2 years ago

    Debby: I added a note to that lesson in the course. Thanks Debby.

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