Forum Question: Are Software Updates Automatic and How Often Do They Occur ?

Are software updates set to automatiCally download new updates in Mac OS (or is there a setting I have to change)? How often do they occur ?

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    6/2/12 @ 10:53 am

    They should be set to automatic. But it is easy to check and customize. In Lion, go to the System Preferences. Look for Software Update under “System.”
    There are two tabs here. Click on Scheduled Check. You can set it for Daily, Weekly or Monthly. I set it for Daily (why not?). Then you can also check “Download updates automatically” to streamline the process.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    6/3/12 @ 4:20 pm

    Mine is set to automatic,and when say they want to update Safari,a message appears in the middle of the screen,and i aways click on the details button. The reason i do this is because i might be in the middle of doing something in Photoshop,and then i can download it later. If it`s really important i click on install straight away.

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