Forum Question: Are There Any Apps Like Notes and Reminders for OS X 10.7 Lion?

I saw the notes and reminders app on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. I want apps like those on OS X 10.7 Lion.

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    2/28/12 @ 3:38 pm

    You have all of that functionality in Lion. What is changing in Mountain Lion is that they each have their own separate app that matches the iOS app.
    In Lion, you can create Reminders in iCal. See episode 620:
    You can also create and edit notes in Mail.
    Both iCal and Mail sync reminders and notes to iCloud just like the MLion Reminders and Notes apps will.
    If you are looking for something that is not part of iCloud, a lot of people use Evernote (See 656: for notes.

    Brian H
    2/28/12 @ 9:26 pm

    I have reminders on iPhone and iPad and have wondered why they were not part of lion or even a stand alone app. I use reminders to create a shopping list, so if I’m reading my iPad in bed, I can add to the list, then driving to work I can have Siri add an item to the same list, it seems natural to have as part of a desktop or laptop to be able to create a list in all places. I hope MLion completes the circle.

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