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Asking for an advice about iWork

I have bought a new MacBookAir recently and I am planing to install the iWork package on it but since that the iWork version is (09) I thought it would be better to wait until the release day of the new version but there is no news in the near future about that day.
I am looking for an advice whether to buy the (09) version of iWork or wait until the new version comes to the market?

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    10 years ago

    The iWork 09 “suite” is not the current one. Well, it is, but that isn’t the way it is sold anymore. Instead, you buy the three apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) individually as apps in the Mac App Store.
    The good news is that this probably means you’ll be getting all updates for free from now on. No guarantee, but the apps in the app store are not “Pages 09,” they are just “Pages,” etc. So it seems like Apple isn’t going to have major releases of these apps anymore, they are just going to have lots of minor updates. For instance, with the release of Lion, they added Versions to them. With iCloud this week we should see iCloud features added.

    Jerry G
    10 years ago

    Another cool thing about buying the iWork apps from the Mac App Store is that you can use them on multiple OSX devices that you own and operate on the same Apple I.D. account.

    So, you’re essentially getting the Family pack for the old price of a single license. If you don’t want all three apps, you save again by not having to buy anything you don’t plan to use.

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