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@ (at) Character on Apple Wireless Keyboard

How to write @ character with Apple wireless keyboard?

— BM

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    10 years ago

    The @ symbol is Shift+2 on the U.S. Apple Wireless keyboard. Do you have an international version where the @ isn’t “above”t the “2”?

    8 years ago

    I have an apple wireless keyboard with Danish characters (bought in Denmark). The “@” key is on the right hand side of the keyboard next to the “return” key, rather than over the number 2 (as it is on my Canadian bought macbook pro). I imagine other international keyboards may also have it in different places.
    Interestingly/frustratingly, i havent yet figured out how to actually type the “@” symbol. It shares a key with two other symbols (* and ,). I can get the other symbols using shift key (or no additional key), but the @ symbol doesn’t come up no matter what combination i try (e.g. shift+key, Shift+alt+key, ctrl+key, cmd+ctrl+key, etc…). I haven’t found the right key combination on the net either. Maybe this problem is particular to Windows 7, which i am using on my iMac? Anyway, the only way i can get @ on that machine is to copy and paste it from somewhere where it is already typed. Crazy! If you have the answer for that one i would appreciate it.

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