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So i am making a video and and I have detached the audio so i can have part of the audio overlapping a silent video clip. In the background during the entire movie, I have a song playing. When the talking part begins, I would like the song to be reduced to like 25%. So I have gone into the audio adjustments of the talking clip and next to ducking, adjusted the sliding arrow to 25% and made sure the small box was checked. It seems to not only be adjusting the the music to 25% but the voice as well. In other parts of the movie it worked fine so I know this is possible but I can not seem to get this specific audio clip to work. What is causing this?

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    2/26/11 @ 6:24 pm

    Instead of using ducking, adjust the audio exactly as you want it. If you have iMovie 11, there are a lot of new audio features. You can see them in this episode:

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