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How can I send an auto reply with an auto-playing video attached?
How can I send an auto reply with an auto-playing audio attached?

— Focus

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    5/31/10 @ 6:55 pm

    Auto reply to what? A text message on your iPhone? An email on your Mac?
    Would you want it to reply to everyone who sends you a message? A specific person? Just once, or all the time? What, exactly, are you trying to do. An example?

      - Focus
      9/18/10 @ 12:55 pm


      Someone sends and email and has (something)in the subject line.

      How do you configure your email to interpret that (something) in the subject line and auto reply with a pre-recorded video?

      For example

      I want to send a video of a parrot talking and someone emails me with PARROT in the subject line.

      The email comes in and the VIDEO or AUDIO reply replies with video back to the sender of a video or audio of a parrot talking.

      If you have the answer for this, how do I do that for the Iphone, email and or text messaging?

        9/18/10 @ 1:34 pm

        There’s no way to do that for an iPhone — apps can’t interfere with the operation of the default Mail program.
        You could probably set this up for your Mac or PC using rules in Mail, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that unless it is for personal use only (a few emails here and there). If you need it for professional use, I would look for an business email service of some kind.

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