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automator folder sorting

Hi Gary
Just watched your automator podcast and tried it on my downloads folder all new images put in moved but existing images in my downloads folder didn’t move to the new folder. Have i done some thing wrong thanks Simon

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    9 years ago

    The Automator “Folder Action” works when a file is added to a folder. So existing don’t get the action. You can simply move the files out of the folder and drag them back in.
    Or, if you need a script that specifically sorts files in an existing folder, you can easily make one in Automator too. Look at the actions available and experiment.

    9 years ago


    I faced the same situation. When you click the play button on the automator after creating the sorting instructions, you should get a message the explains what you have to do to move current files in the folder to the desired locations. It’s also a good way to ensure that the scripts in automator is working. Once it works, you can delete the added command for sorting within automator, and save as Garry had shown in his video.
    Hope that helps.


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