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Automator for revenge against Captive marketers

This is a sort of weird request…along the lines of a practical joke, but actually for a good reason.
Some rubbish site I signed up for and gave my mobile number like an idiot, has been sending me advertisements on my mobile EVERYDAY. I’ve filtered their email but can’t unsubscribe to their phone messages. I’ve mailed them 4 times to stop but they haven’t. So here’s what I’d like to use Automator to do –
I’d like to send one single email, requesting them to stop, at regular intervals during the day…if necessary, then at maddening intervals that will fill their inbox up until they at least respond. Can Automator be used for this and if so, how?

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    10 years ago

    You might be able to use Automator to do that. But I wouldn’t waste my time. I’m certain that the reason they haven’t responded or stopped is because they simply aren’t seeing those emails at all. They probably go to an inbox that no one reads or that just gets thrown away.
    I’d call your mobile provider and get that number blocked so they can’t send you messages anymore. Then forget about it. They aren’t worth your time.

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