Forum Question: Automator: How can I export movieclips in QT7 into another format?

I have a whole bunch of little Quicktime Clips (>1000) in all different kind of formats and sizes. I need them all in the same size and format. So I thought, I’d create an Automator Workflow or a folder action to open them up in QT7 Pro and export them in the right format. But there are no standard scripts in the Automator library for QT7, so I tried to record that myself. But whatever I did, it did not work…
Any idea how to proceed?

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    2/3/11 @ 9:27 am

    Automator might not be your solution there. It only works well if there are actions available. But have you tried using the “Export Movies” action?

    2/3/11 @ 10:18 am

    Thanks for your quick reply!!
    The “Export Movies* action only contains the standard QT-X export options, such as “export for iPhone, AppleTV or Quicktime – and that one creates a h.264-clip, but I need a specific MotionJPG-format which is only available in QT7…

    What I did: I recorded the following actions: click in the QT7-icon in the doc (QT7 is already launched, with one clip opened), press cmd-E for Export, define the location where it will be saved, wait till the export finishes, close the clip. So far so good. This action worked for this one clip. But what do I have to do to have all the other clips done? To repeat the action manually for each one takes just as much time as doing it in QT manually… ;-)

      2/3/11 @ 10:28 am

      I don’t have any suggestions off-hand. You may want to look into other software that can batch convert video.

    2/3/11 @ 10:33 am

    Okay, thanks a lot! Maybe MPEGStreamclip does that… Let’s find out ;-)

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