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Autosave and versions in iWork

I don’t see versions and autosave in pages. I upgrade to lion and update this programs and iTunes this morning.I need to register iWork to obtain this features?
Does copy and paste between the version and the original document work in Preview?

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    10 years ago

    Where are you looking for it?
    After you save the document for the first time the File, Save option turns into a File, Save a Version. That is how you save a version. Then you can access versions by clicking on the name of the document at the top of the window. There is a “Browse All Versions” option there.
    Make sure you are running Pages version 4.1 (923).
    Autosave is, well, autosave. It just happens.
    Not sure about your last question, though. What do you mean?

      Richard Sloan
      10 years ago

      If Pages quits before I’ve saved my work, how do I find the autosaved file?

        10 years ago

        I haven’t experienced that yet. But my understanding is that you just run Pages again and you’ll see the most recent autosave. It is literally “auto save” — meaning that it saves all the time.

    10 years ago

    Thanks I found it!!!
    About the last question, i can’t copy and paste (things like rectangle, oval, space…) between the current document and the previous versions in Preview.

      10 years ago

      But the idea is that the previous versions are backups that you can refer to or revert to, right? So why would you want to copy in that direction? The idea would be to make changes in the current version, not change previous versions.

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