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What Is the Best Way to Back Up Movies?

The Question I have for you is about backing up movies. I own an extensive movie collection and use handbrake to back them up. I fear that doing this is going to wear my drive out. Do you think that using an external disk drive would help? Would it slow the process?

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    11 years ago

    I don't see how this would wear out your drive -- do you mean you internal drive? Seems like space would be more of an issue than being "worn out." Your drive is spinning all the time as you use your Mac, what with virtual memory and all.
    But to hit another point -- I don't see why anyone would need to back up movies (studio films, anyway). You back up your own stuff. Stuff that can't be replaced if you lose it. Photos, files, documents, projects, emails, etc. No need to back up DVDs. There are plenty more and they are archived by the studios. See what I mean? They are replaceable.

    11 years ago

    I'm doing the same and if yer worried that playing so many movies in the drive will burn out the drive in your computer, a cheap external drive is indeed inexpensive peace of mind.

    As to why? Well, with smart TV's and the like being available, being able to conveniently access any movie at will is nice. Plus, with kids, they can't scratch or lose the media.

      11 years ago

      Can you recommend a cheap but effective external disk drive? Would the apple one work with the MacBook Pro?

        11 years ago

        External disk drive, or disc drive? (Hard drive, or optical CD/DVD drive?)
        If hard drive -- Apple doesn't make one. If optical, then that's exactly what it is for. Though it would be unusual to use it with a MacBook Pro since it has one.

    11 years ago

    It probably depends on how you value your time. You probably spent many hours backing up your DVD collection onto a hard disk. If that disk goes bad, you might not want to go thru all that effort again. Getting a cheap hard disk on Graigslist will allow you to make another copy "just in case".

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    11 years ago

    I use a WD My Passport external hard drive to store my movies on. These movies are classic movies that it would be difficult to buy another one. Example - A Christmas Carol staring Alastair Sim 1951 in Black and White. The likes of these movies are on the old film system. Then they are put away to gather dust. I have not spent a lot of time putting them on an external drive,and they are not DVD`s but film. I have over 70 movies. Most of them are originals,and not remakes.

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