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This is my first iPhone (iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0.1) & I use gmail.

1) How to sync notes between Apple Mail & iPhone using bluetooth & internet?

2) How to syc to-do between Apple Mail & iPhone using usb, bluetooth & internet?

3) How to create lists (bullets) in Notes app?

4) What are the things I can delete directly from the iPhone to recover some space?

5) If I delete an app from iTunes, during next iphone sync it says “do you want to transfer purchases from iPhone to iTunes?” I want to get rid of this message as I obviously do not want the app at all

6) In the multitasking tray it shows so many apps, are all of them running or what?

7) I want iPhone to say (speak) incoming caller’s name, how?

8) I want an RSS reader app which can sync with RSS in Apple Mail?

9) Good Dictionary and Thesaurus app?

— Ankit Modi

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    8/5/10 @ 6:36 am

    Lots of questions.
    1) You need a MobileMe subscription to do that. Then if you have MobileMe turned on on your Mac and your iPhone, the notes sync over the Internet.
    2) Same answer — but no need to sync over USB if you are syncing over the net with MobileMe.
    3) No good way to do it. Perhaps you should look into a better app for lists if you need something better. There are tons of them.
    4) Delete? Not sure what you mean. None of the standard stuff that comes with the iPhone can be delete. But it doesn’t take up much space either.
    5) Delete the app from the iPhone first. Then delete it from iTunes on your Mac. Or, sync the two and then use iTunes to delete the app from both.
    6) They are all on stand-by. It is OK to leave a ton of apps on stand-by. Multitasking on the iPhone is optimized so they don’t use up battery, processor.
    7) No way I know of to speak the callers name. You can always create your own ringtones in iTunes with yourself speaking the names, and then assign them to each contact as the ringtone. But you have to do it beforehand and for each one.
    8) Lots and lots of RSS reader apps. But I’ve never seen one that syncs with Apple Mail, sorry.
    9) I use the one from — it is free

    8/5/10 @ 9:50 am


    I don’t know if this will help your RSS issue, but I found this on the web and maybe it will help or steer you in the right direction:

    It may not be the ideal solution, but if it works with a minimum of fuss… why not?

    Ankit Modi
    8/7/10 @ 2:34 am

    1) Can’t I do it using IMAP on gmail?

    4) By deleting things, I mean things that were not there when I bought the iPhone. If I delete apps, podcasts, photo’s … etc do I recover space?

    8) I think I have no option but to use google reader, can I export RSS feeds from Mail to Google?

    8/7/10 @ 9:32 am

    1) I don’t think so. You can save notes under a Gmail IMAP account, but I don’t think the Notes app on the iPhone sees those.
    4) Sure. Everyone’s iPhones would fill up quickly if you couldn’t remove content. Or, maybe I’m not understanding your question.
    8) You can, using hacks. Search on it. But do you have so many RSS feeds that you follow that you can’t just enter some in? BTW, there are tons of apps out there for reading RSS feeds. Some ever use your Google Reader account and sync with it.

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