Forum Question: Battery Life harm

I am notorious for ignoring the warning messages that appears stating that ‘you are now using reserve power’ and running the computer off the battery until it completely shuts down, then plugging it in and continuing my work from where I left off. I was wondering what is meant by ‘reserve power’ and if I was doing harm to the overall battery life?

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    11/23/10 @ 9:36 am

    You shouldn’t be doing any harm to the battery life by doing that. By “reserve” power it just means that you are down to the last bits of power stored in the battery. It is just a term.
    You probably should plug it in, though, when you first get that message, to insure that you don’t lose any data. It is possible that not enough power would be available to properly hibernate the machine — which is what it is doing when it shuts down. It isn’t a guarantee that it will have enough power left to do that properly. I would never risk it unless I was just surfing or doing something unimportant.

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