Forum Question: Best format for pictures on big screens

I accidentally scanned some pictures in using jpeg 2000 instead of jpeg. I’m not happy with the results. What looked good on a 15 in screen doesn’t look good on a 21.

That got me to looking at bmp, jpg, png, tiff articles on the web.

What do you say is the best format for our big screens? For printing? File size is not a problem as I’ve barely scratched the surface of my hard drive.

Thank you. Bruce—–

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    10/4/10 @ 4:12 pm

    Out of the ones you listed, bmp, png and tiff are lossless (highest possible quality) but I believe that png will give you better compression. I wouldn’t use bmp as it is an old format that predates digital photography, whereas tiff has been used for photographic images as a standard for a while.
    But for photos, usually jpg is used. At 90% or 95% (high) jpg quality it is hard to tell the difference with the eye, yet the savings can be huge.
    You may not be worrying about it now, but years down the road you may be glad you used 90% jpeg instead. Plus, even if hard drive space is plentiful, it is easier to backup and to open smaller files.
    I’d go with high quality jpgs.

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