Forum Question: Best iPad App to be a wireless mouse and keyboard

I recently just got an iPad, I also use a Mac mini in the living room on the tv, which I’ve always used mobile mouse pro (previously air mouse) on my iPhone to control it and be my mouse and keyboard, which I love, well now I would like to use my iPad but I’m wondering what do you think would be the best app to get? I see that they make an iPad version of mobile mouse pro but the reviews seem to speak very poorly of it, while still praising the iPhone version, so I was wondering if you have any suggestions or experiences with this same situation, thanks and keep up the great videos
Mike Dold

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    12/27/10 @ 12:33 am

    I haven’t use any app like that, sorry. I do use iTap VNC to control my Mac from my iPad, but that’s a little different than what you are looking for. If you like an app on the iPhone, then why not at least try it on the iPad? The reviews in the app store aren’t always the best things to go by.

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