Forum Question: Best resizing software for jpg?

What software would you recommend for compressing jpg? I know that stuffit deluxe can compress jpg’s pretty well, but I’m not interested in compressing them into a file, just compressing them even more then PhotoShop does, keeping the same quality.
-Like the same way you recommend to run exported imovie files through MPEG Streamclip to get an even smaller file, still keeping the quality.

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    5/31/11 @ 10:48 am

    You don’t need anything special to compress jpg images. I would simply export them from whatever you are using at the compression level you want. So if you are exporting from iPhoto, then just export at the level you wish. If you are exporting from Photoshop, then just do it from there at the level you want.
    If you are just taking an image file and want to convert it to jpeg or re-compress one that is too big, then Preview works nicely.
    That said, I do use Adobe Fireworks to compress jpg images. But you can only get it as part of an Adobe suite, I believe. But I don’t think the quality is that much better that I would get it just for that. Or any special program, for that matter.

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