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Billing Software Not Compatible with Mac?

I have a small medical billing and consulting company. I am researching new practice management and billing software. I’m most interested in Web based software but I’m finding that some say that they are not compatible with Macs, huh? Any help would be appreciated.

— Ann

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    13 years ago

    I would test them on that -- talking to a customer service rep to see if they are simply too lazy to test on a Mac, but it in fact works fine, or whether their software really does rely on something in Internet Explorer for Windows to work.
    I know that one particular piece of online business software (QuickBooks Online) is Windows-only, presumably because they use something that only works in Internet Explorer. Why they need something that is IE-only to display forms and tables of numbers makes no sense to me, however.
    Try a search for "mac medical billing software" -- several things come up.

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