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Blocked Email Address Still Being Received

I have blocked a “spam” email MULTIPLE times…over 9 so far and yet I still continue to receive them.

This has been going on for months. I have reported it, I have unsubscribed but yet I still receive the emails from this individual who is touting some work at home business.

I have added the “rule” multiple times but to no avail. Any ideas?

(I use Apple’s “Mail” program)
Fred H.

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    4 years ago

    What steps did you take to block that email? Be specific.
    Who did you “report it” to? How?
    How did you unsubscribe? Specifically?
    What does your rule look like — keep in mind that a rule on your Mac will only block the email on your Mac, not other devices. So it isn’t a good way to do it.
    Are each of these emails coming in from exactly the same email address? Or are they changing email addresses?
    Would it be easier to just hit the delete key each time you get one? Only takes a second.

    4 years ago

    Went to preferences and created a new rule…to delete the message when it was from a specific individual.

    I clicked on their “unsubscribe” link and it said successfully unsubscribed..

    I only use my Mac to open the emails or occasionally my iPhone..

    Yes, they are all from the same email address….

    It only takes a second, but I get multiple emails from this “spammer” daily and it has been going on for months….

    I thought the “rules” would catch it but guess not…

    4 years ago

    The Rules will catch it, but the rule has to be perfect. Are you using their email address or their name? use the exact email address and make sure that it matches each email. Make sure your rule has “From” “contains” and that email address. Look at the source of the messages to see what the “From” is exactly as it may be different than what you see when casually viewing the email.

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