Forum Question: Bluetooth Lapel Microphone

Gary, I notice in your video podcasts that you use a wired lapel microphone and I am wondering if there are Bluetooth lapel microphones available?

I am thinking about doing some videos and would like to not have to deal with the wire of a lapel microphone.

— James Ford

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    3/7/10 @ 5:23 pm

    There are many wireless lapel microphones available. It is very common. But they don’t use Bluetooth, they use their own wireless system. I think there are many reasons for that, but probably mostly because wireless lapels predate Bluetooth. Just search Amazon for “wireless lapel microphone” and you come up with a lot. You most likely will need to then take the input from the receiver and then pipe it through a USB connection. If you have a store like Guitar Center nearby they should be able to set you up with everything if you just explain what you need.

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