Forum Question: Blurred images with HDR turned on iPhone 4

I recently took two pictures with the HDR turned on. each pictures looks like there are two or three pictures stacked on top of one another. i have read that in HDR the camera take several pictures and they appear in duplicate or triplicate on your camera. it appears that instead of separating the pictures or combining them to create one great picture, i have one picture with two or three exposures stacked up. how on earth can i separate these out? these pictures are very dear to me. am desperate to find a solution.
i have even downloaded the pictures onto Picasa. both pictures appear as only 1 picture each but a blurry combination of several exposures.
hope that is making sense. thank you for any help you can provide

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    8/26/11 @ 10:07 pm

    HDR does take two photos and then uses both. So if your hand was shaky, or you were moving while taking the photos, then you could get the problem you mentioned. For that reason, don’t use HDR while in a moving car, walking, etc.
    But the good news is that when you use HDR on the iPhone 4 it should save two copies of the photo. One is the HDR version, combining two images. But the other is a single one of those two images. And that one should be fine, though not HDR-enhanced. And, of course, if you were moving too fast then it might be blurry too. So look in your Camera Roll for that other version.

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