Forum Question: Burn Folder Problem !

Gary I made a New Burn Folder on teh Desktop
Then I dragged a Folder called MIsc Pictures into it. The Misc Pictures Folder has 9 Sub Folders amounting to 297 MB in Total.
When I saw the Misc Pictures Folder in the New Burn Folder, it shows as just 1 MB.
Double clicking it shows a text file with Junk. I know if I have to burn the Misc Pics folder I could just go to it in the Finder and right click and Burn it. But I was try to Drag more folders to it to Burn.
What could the problem be ?
Thanks !
What could the problem be.
Cyrus Dubash

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    3/11/11 @ 11:04 pm

    What you see in the burn folder is an alias (shortcut) to the original. That is why it is only 1MB instead of 297. What happens when you try to burn it? It should work fine.

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