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Burning a DVD File & sending over the net

Not sure if this can be done. Is there a way to take a QT movie file & convert it into a format that plays on a tv DVD player? The second part of the question is : can I save that file & share over the net to someone using a PC so they can burn it to a DVD ? I’m just trying to help out a friend.

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    10 years ago

    You can’t just put a file on a DVD disc and then it will play in a DVD player. You have to create DVD using DVD software. There’s more to it than just a file.
    On a Mac you would normally use iDVD. You can take your movie file and create a DVD with iDVD in many ways. I explain some of the simpler methods in episofe 514:
    You could build a DVD and share the “disk image” of that DVD — but the file would be huge. Better to send them the original source file, or a compressed version of it, and then let them create their own DVD with iDVD or equivalent software. You can use a file sharing service like iDisk or DropBox for that.

    10 years ago

    Thank-you Gary.

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