Forum Question: Buy a MacBook Pro or Wait for a Tablet

hi gary
i wish ti buy a mac book pro for my husband but i have read about the tablet in yahoo should i wait for the mac tablet or should i buy the pro
please guide

— nova

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    1/10/10 @ 8:28 am

    No one knows for sure what the tablet will be. Apple has official said nothing. So it could be anything. I could even not exist.
    However, most people think that the tablet will be a small (smaller than a laptop anyway) media playback device that is more like a large iPod Touch then a laptop. If so, it will be a very different type of device than a MacBook Pro — which is a computer that can run Mac software, has a keyboard, etc. So it depends on what your husband needs. If the rumors are true, then it should be easy to decide between a tablet device and a real laptop computer.

    John RusselL
    1/11/10 @ 11:14 am

    And for me, an old dog who doesn’t like too many new tricks, the rumored bunch of innovative, exotic hand gestures needed to make things happen on the tablet is enough to make me want to stay loyal to my MacBook Pro.

    Chris Wilson
    1/26/10 @ 7:45 am

    If you haven’t already done anything… just wait a few days and see what Apple is about to reveal. Like Gary said, everything is just rumor, albeit some on good authority.

    I’m on the edge to buy a macbook myself, but I’m waiting… hoping… that some sort of tablet will appear with full functionality of a laptop, or at least data storage capability so I can download pics from my camera while on the road. If it’s just a giant ipod, well… I’ll buy a macbook and send it off to get modded into a tablet. I need it to be a computer, not just a slave to itunes.

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